My name is Maik Zinnäcker. I am 19 years old and based near Stuttgart in Germany. At the moment I am a student at university.
Photography is my calm anchor since I have been really into it. Every time, I just wait for the perfect light to happen or wait hours for some animals to appear, it is that feeling of inner peace and silence. I can fall into thoughts or just sit down and enjoy the moment, for example a sunrise over the Castle Hohenzollern after I get up at 4 am driven to the castle and hiked up the hill to get the perfect spot for my composition.
Since the beginning of my photographic journey, I walk through the world with a different view. Good weather is no good weather anymore. A clear sky without any piece of cloud is just boring. I want the sky full with grey thunderclouds, a little storm, beautiful, glowing clouds at a sunrise. Your whole life gets addicted to photography. Going on vacation is not just going on vacation anymore. Every vacation is as photographic trip, otherwise it would be boring. Just laying on the beach and wait for something to happen is not the way photographers like to spend time.
With time, you keep asking yourself: „What do I want to express with my photography?“
I came to the solution that I want to show people the things they do not have time for. How many people nowadays stand up at 4 am to see the stars or the sunrise? Nearly nobody. How many people lay down on the grass in the woods to get a nice view on a group of mushrooms? Nearly nobody. Therefore, I want to do those things and show it to everyone who wants it to see so they can see the beauty of our world as well.


Thank you to Harald Löffler, he is the leader of the Jugendclub of fotoclub filderstadt e.v., without him and the fcf I would never be that much in to photography. I probably would have quieted it after a few months. We get so much knowledge and expertise from him to improve our photography tremendously.

Thank you to Maximilian Bader, for all the great trips we made together. As well as for the fun, the praise and the critic he gave me.

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